Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 15: Fall has begun

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A little work and a little wedding and all me. :)

Barknknit Listeners Group News:
Knitting Sweaters in Summer KAl is done and the winner of the prize have to listen. :) hehehe
Be prepared for Christmas is still going on though!! Come by and tell us what your knitting for gifts. :)
The Fall Fibery n Furry Swap has started!! FUN!!!

Doggie Bit:
Stride for Strays in Tampa
Small Dog Rescue
SPCA of Tampa Bay Pet Walk
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Off the needles:
9-5 socks

On needles:
FLS for Fleas
Ankle socks for CZBrats
Clapotis for Aunt

Knitting Bit:
Icelandic Shawl KAL is having a Finishitupitis contest. Please check out their group at Yahoo Groups.

BFL fiber
Spinning from the Fold video.

My Wheel search! You just have to listen. :)

Jen's Foundation

Have a great week!! Happy Knitting, Spinning, Dyeing and Dog walking!! Love you dog!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Episode 14: The start of Podtour 08

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Babysitting galore and a little bit about work.

Barknknit Podcast Listeners Podcast Group Update:
1. Knitting Sweaters in Summer KAL. Deadline is Sept 30th. Come let us know if you have completed a sweater yet.
2. Be Prepared for Christmas. What are you knitting for Christmas or holidays?
4. OUR first SWAP!!! The Fall Fibery n Furry Swap!!! Sign ups are starting now until Sept. 15th. A package of a fibery gift for your pal and goodies for your pal and pet. Minimum is $30 and needs to be sent out by Oct 30th. Questionnaire is going to be up in the Ravelry group. Email signs ups to gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or post on Rav.

Doggie Bit:
Jackjack's leg.

What do you think about Vets? How do you choose your vet?

Greatest American Dog.

Off the needles:
Clapotis!!! Done in Cascade 220 Superwash in Sage.

On needles:
Another February Lady Sweater for my sister.
9-5 socks!! they are killing me that they are still on my needles.

Planned knits:
Clapotis for Aunt
Hat with my first handspun and hand dyed yarn!

Knitting Bit:
Virtual Knit & Spin with Stitch It Podcast. Betzi is hosting the group so befriend her on

Podtour!! I ask the first question!! Check out the other podcasts involved in the podtour! They will be answering my question within the next 2 weeks.

Belle of the Ball -
Brown-Eyed Mom -
The Crafty Woman -
Fairieknits -
Knit Spirit -
Socks in the City -
Z Knits -

Spinning Bit:
Not much knitting but a lot of torturing by watching spinning videos.
Great spindle videos on
Megan LaCore from vidoes:
Drafting Wool
Drop Spindle
Finishing Yarn

Personal Health Challenge:
Joined a gym and plan to lose 10-15 lbs. I post a plan every Monday! Come join us and let us know what you plan on doing for the week at the Barknknit Podcast Listeners group.
I joined

Thank you for listening and hope you are having a great week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Episode 13: The Dog Park

Tropical Store Fay heading my way than veered but gave me the day off.
Sheryl(knitidiot) and I started listing items in our etsy shop Barknknit and Kitties Too. We have box bags and dyed yarn up and will be doing dyed fiber and more.

Check out my blog for pictures of the yarn swift Special K made.

Doggie Bit:
The Dog Park...tell me what your experience is and how you feel about the dog park. Have you had good experiences or bad? Do your doggies enjoy it??

Off the Needles:
Dish Rag Tag dishcloth

On the Needles:
The Clapotis

9-5 socks!

Knitting Bit:
The Dish Rag tag has begun!!!

Monthly Dishcloth KAL

I made my own spindle. Check out my blog to see pictures and yarn spun up!!

Happy Knitting, Spinning, Dyeing, Crafting and Spending time with you Doggies!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 12: My Smart Puppy


A mid-week podcast!! I like it! A bit about my job and wedding planning. I am ramble today. :)

Doggie Bit:

Dogfood Review on by Nichole. She's been doing some great reviews!! Check them out!

My Smart Puppy by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. A great book!! They have a site too. My Smart Also check out Sarah's podcast called Teacher's Pet on There are some other good podcasts but her's is the best I've listen to so far! ;)

Off my needles:
My Lady February Sweater in Dream in Color Classy in Midnight Derby!

On my needles:
The Clapotis in Cascade 220 Superwash
9-5 socks....still slow.

Knitting Bit
Golden Lovers Swaps & KALS
K9 Knitters USA

Spinning Bit:
I am obsessed spinning lately and really want a wheel. I talk all about how I really want a Majacraft Suzie. :)

Youtube Videos:

Dyeing and Spinning
wheel description

Hope you guys have a great week!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Episode 11: Rip, Rip, Rip, the Joys of Ripping

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Barknknit Podcast Listeners Group KALs
1. Knitting Sweaters in Summer KAL. Join us if you've cast on a sweater after June 1st and plan to finish by Sept 31st.
2. Be Prepared for Christmas KAL. Get those Christmas/Holiday knits started!

Doggie Bit:

Jackjack and Abigail join us on a road trip with a bit of an embarrassing episode. :)

Off the needles:
1. My clapotis which I think will be frogged. :(

On my needles:
1. My 9-5 Socks.
2. February Lady Sweater!

Knitting Bit:

All about Ripping Fun! :) is the best video reference for tips and tricks. I used the Inserting the needle into the destination row before unraveling and the button hole video! GREAT help!

Contest winners are:
Grand prize goes to Nikki from My Fuzzy Life
Second prize goes to Nancy @ The Jersey Shores. Her blog is Days Go By

Hope you enjoy the episode and am working on getting them out more frequently. Please leave comments and join the Raverly group or or email me at gnat(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy Knitting!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Episode 10: Knitting in Public

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Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here's the podcast.. I'm off to relax and knit and enjoy our nations independence with a beer. :)

Feel free to email me any comments or suggestions at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or leave a comment in the show notes or on itunes.


PS. Don't forget to enter the contest!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Episode 9: The One with Special K

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I talk about my job transitions and my wedding.

Tampa Bay Rays Stitch n Pitch on June 21st!!! Find out when your favorite team is having theirs at

WWKIP Day on June 14th!! Join us at North Shore Park in St. Pete, FL!! To find a meet up near you visit!!

Windowpane Sock KAL group on Ravelry. We are knitting the pattern from IK starting in July.

The Knitmore Girls Promo!

Doggie Bit:
We are going to be starting a series on different training books and styles of dog training.

Off my needles:
Log Cabin Blanket for Kelly's Baby Blanket done and gifted!

On my needles:
1. May Socks which are Bellatrix by Gigi Silva for the May Sockdown on Ravelry.
2. My wedding shawl ripped back and reknitting. :)
3. Test knit(can't talk about)

An interview with Special K, my fabulous fiance! Hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or on my id is barknknit. Join our group over on Ravelry. And don't forget to leave a comment here or on itunes.

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Episode 8: The Beach

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This has become the section I talk about what's going on in my life. This week it's talk about no air to trips, to Creature Comforts. You must see Creature Comforts on Animal Planet!!

Doggie Bit: Jackjack and Abigail head to the beach and a puppy visitor. Tons of fun.

Off the needles:
Reversai Socks by Janine Le Cras This was the Sock Madness Round 2 pattern which is now available on

Frog Pond:
Dog Bone Blanket, my first KAL has been frogged.

On the needles:
9-5 socks by Nicole Hindes, were frogged and re-started.
Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting for Kelly's Baby shower.

Knitting Bit:
Summer of Socks is a fun knitalong for sock knitters that you have to check out. If you're knitting socks this summer anyway...JOIN US!! :)
And Sock Wars III is getting ready to start.

Hope everyone has a great week. Please feel free to contact me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or on my id is barknknit. Join our group over on Ravelry. And don't forget to leave a comment here or on itunes.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Episode 7: Rescue Socks

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This episode I interview Courtney for Confessions of a Knitter. Hope you enjoy our chat.

I skip the doggie bit and knitting bit because of interview.

Off my needles:
Wee Tiny Sock

On my needles:
Reversai Socks from Sock Madness.
Wedding Shawl
Malabrigo Hat for Surfer Girl
Dog Bone Blanket for our first KAL. Please go over and join us.

Things I plan to knit:
Bellatrix socks by Gigi Silva for SKA group on Raverly's May Sockdown.
Gift...have to listen to see what it is. :)

Hope you enjoy the interview and the rest of this episode. Will try to get another one out this week to include all my notes that I wrote but didn't talk about because of interview.

Please comment on Itunes or the podcast show notes. Go over and join the group on ravelry or email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com.

Happy Knitting!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Episode 6: Easter Bunnies don't Bounce

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Personal Health Challenge or PHC
If you would like to join me in your own PHC, whatever it may be, whether that’s just eating healthier or start a running routine or eating more protein. Just let the group know. If you are not on Ravelry and would still like to participate email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com and I’ll fill you in the details.

Podcast mentioned on Knit Sibs podcast.
Cogknition mentioned us on her blog.

Doggie Bit

1.Starting my first KAL for April which is the Dog Bone Blanket by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs. The start date is April 1st through April 30th and beyond. It’s Bulky yarn so I don’t think it will take long.

What’s off the needles

1.Sock Madness Socks
Zombie sock pattern by Sheryl Giles
Yarn Collinette Jitterbug in Copperbeach

Gave Kelly her bibs and she loved them.
Sewed a doggie button on one of them.

What’s on my needles

1. Wedding shawl
2. More Baby Bibs
3. Surfer Girl’s Greenery Hat in Malabrigo!!

Knitting Bit
1., a great online store from Florida. I got my package on Thursday. Check out my blog at for pictures.

Spinning Bit
Ordered Start Spinning by Maggie Casey and tried a spinning wheel.

I added a donate button and I just wanted to let you know that all donations will be used for the podcast. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and has a great week.

If you have any feedback please email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or leave a comment here on the show notes. Please also join the discussions over in the Ravelry group.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Episode 5: Something New

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Welcome to Barknknit Podcast!!


Meghan from Stitch-It Podcast talked about me on her podcast and I joined her Charity Blanket Project. Each person knits 3 inches of a blanket and passes it along. She's one of my favorite podcaster and an inspiration.

Check out She-knits Podcast, who I love to listen to and has a wonderful knitting circle.

Doggie Bit:

I talk about Pet Care Insurance, which I have for both Jackjack and Abigail.

Dogs on Thursday is having a Doggie Spring Swap and we started a Snuggle Project. If you're interested we are still taking sign ups. Paula from Basset Knitter started Dogs on Thursday.

Knitting Bit:

Visited LYS Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor, FL. Met Cindy from fitterknitter.

I learned to SPIN!!!! YEAH!!! Manda from Mandalinn Knits n Spins gave a spindle and some roving and taught me to spin.

Cast on for my wedding shawl using di.Ve' yarn. The pattern is the Summer Shawlette.
I also cast on for The Greenery Hat for Surfer Girls hat. Devin from Evil Tuesday showed me the pattern. :)

Interview with Sheryl from Knitidiot.

Thank you for listening to Episode 5. Can you believe we are at episode 5. Please come and join the ravelry group. I love feedback so please email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or leave a comment here.

Hope everyone has a great week!! Happy Knitting!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Episode 4: Jackjack's Story

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Announcements: Please check out the Barknknit Podcast Listener's group on Raverly. It's a fun little community of dog and knitting/crochet lovers. I have some group activities in the works so stay tuned.

Podcast mentions:
1. Mary Catharine from Warm in the North. Please check out her contest!
2. Cynical Knitting Gal and Gracie. Go say hi and wish Gracie a quick recovery.
3. Ariel of Dog Days of Knitting and she's got 6 Dogs, 2 Parakeets, 1 Beta & 1 Box Turtle. Wow...a full house.
4. Courtney or knitnpurlgurl on Ravelry from Confessions of a Knitter, who is the fastest sock knitter in the west and just finished the same baby bib as I am knitting.

Doggie Bit:

Product Reviews:

1. Lupine Collars
2. Furminator

Jackjack's story about his accident. I'm really sorry I get so sappy and thank you for putting up with me. This story is long and I stop a couple times but I hope you can bare with me. Thank you!!

Off the needles:
1. Baby Bib, pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting

On the needles:
1. Another Baby Bib
2. Rainbow Socks, which was ripped back until before the heel.

Knitting Bit:
I talked about the Year Long Gift-a-long blog and my gift plans.

Thank you for listening and please feel free to email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com, or leave a comment here. You can also message me on raverly, my user name is barknknit. Please feel

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Episode 3: Allergic Socks

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Announcements: Contest winners picked for the Valentine's day contest at Barknknit

Barknknit Podcast has been mentioned a couple places:
1. NH Knitting Mama mentioned me on her blog. Please go check her out and visit her etsy shop.

2. Charle's Lifesyle and Knitting Video Cast also featured me on his video cast. Please go by and check it out.

Thank you both of you for mentioning me!

Doggie Bit:

I got allergy news for Abigail Grace!! Yeah! Very exciting and I talk all about it. Local Pet Food Warehouse, which I'm thinking is not a chain so it might not be in your area, but please check out the local pet food stores. Food I mention is Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance.

Added a group on Dogster for listener's of Barknknit Podcast. Please go over and join the group.

Let me know if you would join a group on I'd love to make one if I have interested listeners.

Edit: I made a group in ravelry. So click on the following link if you are a member of ravelry and join in the discussion. Barknknit Podcast Group on Ravelry. I believe Ravelry should be opening to the public soon.

Off the needles:
My Utopia Hat for Surfer girl.
Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets went to my sister. :)

On the needles:
The Rainbow Socks by Suzanne Kitzmann

Snuggle for Dogs on Thursday.

Knitting Bit:
I joined Sock Madness 2.

I talk about Sock Wars III, which Courtney explained to me.

Yarn Purchase from Christine of Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in Gold Hill.

I talk about how I stared a St. Pete SnB on Wednesday nights at Panera near Tyrone Square.

Thank you for listening to Episode #3: Allergic Socks. Please feel free to add me on ravelry, I am barknknit or email me at gnat(@)barknknit(dot)com, or comment in the show notes.

We are finally on Itunes but are still not in the search as of right now but if you click on this link or on the sidebar you can subscribe to the rss feed.

Happy Knitting!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Episode 2: Let's Get Started

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My 2nd episode is more of my ramblings but I do talk about some fun stuff. Such as my favorite doggie site It's a doggie community site that has tons of dog related information and pet profiles. I mention the contest I'm having on my blog Barknknit. Please join in the Valentine's Day fun. I also talk about my toe up experience. :)

Toe up Cast on tutorial is Magic Cast on by Judy Becker.

Friends blogs who I mention:
Sheryl from Knit Happens
Sean from KBlicious

Off my needles:
Pedicure Socks by Ruthie Nussbaum
Monkey Socks by Cookie A

On my needles: (confession here)
Utopia Hat by Smariek
Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets by Rachel Calado
and The Rainbow Socks by Suzanne Kitzmann

I hope you enjoy my 2nd episode. Itunes has still not emailed me back to set that up so when they do I will let you know.

Also please send me feedback by commenting here or by emailing me at gnat (at) barknknit (dot) com.

Happy Knitting

Monday, January 28, 2008

Episode 1: Intro

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Welcome to BarknKnit Podcast Episode #1. I'm so excited to get this first one published. In the first episode I talk about my dogs, Jackjack and Abigail Grace, and a quick introduction on how I started knitting.

Patterns I mention:

Monkey by Cookie A
Pedicure socks by Ruthie Nussbaum

Places I mention:
SPCA Tampa Bay

Hope you enjoy my first episode. I'm hoping to get an episode out at least once a month if not more.

Happy Knitting

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