Thursday, June 12, 2008

Episode 9: The One with Special K

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I talk about my job transitions and my wedding.

Tampa Bay Rays Stitch n Pitch on June 21st!!! Find out when your favorite team is having theirs at

WWKIP Day on June 14th!! Join us at North Shore Park in St. Pete, FL!! To find a meet up near you visit!!

Windowpane Sock KAL group on Ravelry. We are knitting the pattern from IK starting in July.

The Knitmore Girls Promo!

Doggie Bit:
We are going to be starting a series on different training books and styles of dog training.

Off my needles:
Log Cabin Blanket for Kelly's Baby Blanket done and gifted!

On my needles:
1. May Socks which are Bellatrix by Gigi Silva for the May Sockdown on Ravelry.
2. My wedding shawl ripped back and reknitting. :)
3. Test knit(can't talk about)

An interview with Special K, my fabulous fiance! Hope you enjoy!

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Happy Knitting!!