Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Episode 17: Happy Podcastiversary

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Happy Podcastiversary to Barknknit Podcast! It’s a short episode but hope you enjoy.

Doggie Bit:
a.Dogs on Thursday
b.Abby starts Obedience.

Knitting Spinning Bit:
How is the economy effecting you?

Hope you are all doing well. Thank you for listening for the last year. Yes, I know only 17 episodes. Not sure where I got 20 from. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Episode 16: I'm back

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I'm back!!! Welcome back to Barknknit Podcast!! My first one of the new year!! I've missed you all!


I talk about my wedding, move, the holidays, and life in general.

Doggie Bit:
Sarah Wilson, co-author of My Smart Puppy and Dogology.

Her community is at and then click community.
Came and visited the SPCA of Tampa Bay and did a behavior demo. Check out her videos on youtube.

Talk about Jackjack and Abigail! :)

Off the needles:
Ipod Sock for Special K.
Clapotis for Aunt Monica
Gifted Clapotis to My MIL Sharimom.

On the needles:
Flea's February Lady Sweater
Wedding Week Cubbie Socks
Stitch-It Podcast Charity Blanket

Knitting Bit:
Looking forward to SOCK MADNESS 3

Things I want to try this year:
Bigger Lace Projects
An afghan
More sweaters

Wheel almost paid off and coming home!!
Finished first decent amount of yarn!
Looking for some hand carders because I would like to get a raw fleece to process.

Extra Stuff:
Learning the guitar.

Hope you enjoyed my first podcast of the new year. Hope to get them out with more regularity! I miss you guys. Please feel free to leave a comment or email at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)come.

Happy Knitting, Spinning, and Dog walking!